Dr. Colin McLear
Office: 1003 Oldfather Hall
Office Hours: T/R 12:30-1:30pm or by appointment

Lauren Sweetland (TA)
Office: 1023
Office Hours: Thursday 10:30-12:30pm Email:

Email is the best way to reach me. I answer emails on weekdays, usually within 24 hrs.

Students, please check your syllabus before emailing your question. If it is covered in the syllabus, I likely won’t respond. If you would like a response, please adhere to these basic email etiquette guidelines:

  • Remember to include your full name and course/section.
  • Use a professional email address, such as your UNL email account, to send email, instead of an anonymous internet account. Using a UNL account also reduces the likelihood that your email will be mistaken for spam.
  • Include an informative subject line that summarizes the content of your email (e.g. “Question about Assignment 3 for PHIL101″ instead of “Question”).
  • Begin your email with an appropriate greeting (Dear/Hi/Hello [professor’s name]).
  • Keep the body of your email brief and to the point. If it’s longer than a paragraph, consider arranging a meeting during office hours to discuss your issue instead.
  • Are you emailing with a question a classmate could answer (about material missed when absent, for example)? If so, ask that classmate before contacting your professor. It’s more efficient for everyone.
  • Do not send personal/confidential information in an email; email is not secure.
  • Keep your tone professional. Write in complete sentences and avoid text-speak. Note: If your email looks like this: “hi prof r we doing anything important 2day? kthxbai!” you are unlikely to receive a reply.
  • End your email with a closing (Best/Thank you/Sincerely/etc.) and your first and last name.
  • Remember to leave time to receive a response. Do not expect a reply over the weekend or at 3 am, for example.

Learning to communicate professionally is a critical skill that will help you in your future job searches and careers. Now is a good time to start practicing!